Do objects sometimes dream about themselves? What if we could enter their dreams? Virtual reality? Connected objects?
Ever since they appeared, we have been worshipping the objects around us while being extremely demanding of them. What if the roles were reversed for once? Instead of asking objects to make us dream, why don’t we consider their own dreams? Premonitory dreams that anticipate a possible future of objects?
The object BroomBroom, whose function is but fiction, tell it’s own story, encouraging us to see and use it differently. In a playful manner, it lead us to rethink some of our distrust in the face of change and as regards, the future.

2017 - When Objects Dream, Switzerland
2016 - Milan Design Week, Italy

Collaboration with
Erika Marthins

Supervised by
Alain Bellet, Cyril Diagne & Laura Perrenoud